Lego chap fixing computer

I expect in the next few weeks, I’ll do something rash and break my website.

My wife is currently setting up a new business, and has been looking at various WordPress themes for the website. It strikes me that there are some really nice designs out there, and the website for aCoolDryPlace Photography doesn’t really fall into that category. Switching themes in WordPress isn’t at all difficult, so it should be trivial for me to update the design of this site.

Unfortunately, that is only true if you haven’t tried to customise things by hacking away at the underlying code yourself. A significant part of this site is the bit where you can order the photos from your shoot, whether that is a wedding, or ball, or whatever. While there were plugins for WordPress that supported shopping websites, when aCoolDryPlace Photography started, none of these were particularly suited to photographers where there are so many products (photos) with so many options (sizes etc). Consequently, I developed this part of the website myself. I fear this is the part that will break if I update the design.

Only one way to find out….

Breaking blog

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