About aCoolDryPlace Photography:
aCoolDryPlace photography is based in Oxford, UK. Our work generally focuses on portrait and event photography (including weddings), although we are willing to undertake a wide range of assignments and freelance work. Please look at our portfolio to see examples of recent work. aCoolDryPlace Photography is the trading name for Mark Gooding’s photography service, although for time-to-time he is assisted by Julian on a freelance basis.

What do you require?
We prefer to tailor our services to meet your unique needs for photography, but we are also aware that it helps to have a typical package as a starting point. Details of my typical services/prices are available for download, but please bear in mind that we can customise what we offer to meet your needs.

We are what the insurance companies would define as a semi-professional photographer. That is to say our primary source of income isn’t from photography. Hopefully after looking around this site you’ll decide that you like our style and chose to contact us. However, if you are looking for a full-time professional, we’ll happily recommend one.

About Mark:
Like many people my age, Mark grew up with cameras easily available, and photography has remained a hobby throughout his life. The main subject matter of his photos has changed over the years. As a kid, his love was for the natural world, both landscapes and wildlife, but as he has aged (and become more sentimental) portrait photography has become his main focus. Mark is married to Emily, and they have four children.

Why “aCoolDryPlace”?:
If you can guess that correctly, we’ll give you a free portrait shoot!

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