I first met Peter when he was about 6, while I was helping at a children’s holiday week with his parents. That he is now married, I feel old! Perhaps, that is why it has taken me so long to get this on the website.

for love comes from God

Peter and Hannah got married at Christ Church, Abingdon. The largely beautiful surroundings of church weddings tend to make them romantic, but at this wedding there was additional significance and emotion to the location. Their wedding was a real testament to their faith, not only focusing on their relationship with each other, but also the role God and their church family play in their lives.



After the formal photos with family and friends, Peter and Hannah chose to spend half an hour at the nearby Abbey Meadows having photos of just the two of them. At the first wedding I photographed, I ended up driving the Bride and Groom around for some of the wedding as they had forgotten to think about transport. On this occasion, Peter and Hannah invited me to ride in the front passenger seat of the beautiful classic Alvis that they had for the day, rather than letting me take my own car.

Peter&Hannah in the Alvis

Peter and Hannah had previous had engagement photos taken by me at Abbey Meadows, so they had a good idea of the poses and the locations around the park they wanted, allowing them to get the shots they wanted while minimising time away from their guests. Hannah is a big fan of Pinterest and was able to share with me the sort of style she liked, making my job easier as a photographer, and her a happy customer.








Peter and Hannah

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