Naomi Siân

This is Naomi, my new little girl. She’s not so new really, being 6 weeks old now, and nor is she the real purpose of my post. This is after all a photography blog. So Let me introduce my other new baby…

new toy

This is a Nikon J2 which I bought around the same time as Naomi was born. I haven’t bought it for professional use, so don’t expect to see it at your wedding, college ball or the like (if that’s why you are looking at my blog). I got this camera to have a camera that is small enough to take anywhere with me, like when I’m cycling around Oxford. While cycling, I often see things that I’d like to take a photo of, but until now was unlikely to have my camera on me, as the professional DSLRs are a bit bulky, and expensive, to have in my paniers. However, I didn’t want to get a “point and shoot” as I know that I would get frustrated with the lack of flexibility that generally comes with them. This new class of “compact system cameras” seemed a pretty good fit to my whim.

So far I think it’s been well worthwhile:

Clouds over Nuffield College

Clouds over Nuffield college

Oxford flooding 2012

Oxford flooding 2012

Road Closed

Oxford flooding 2012

Oxford flooding 2012

Wildlife spotted when out on my bike

Mr hedgehog

My son at the local cafe

Daniel at the Cafe

My new baby

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