I’m often asked “Why aCoolDryPlace?”. Well, I’m not going to tell you! It is a mystery. A mystery with a prize! I’m happy to offer a free portrait shoot to anyone that can guess the answer.

Terms & conditions of this competition

  1. What I says goes. I’m running this as a competition for a bit of fun. The prize is only there because I am friendly. Please don’t take this too seriously, its not that prestigious a competition that you can boast about winning it.
  2. Some people know already. If they tell you, you can’t have the free portrait shoot. The prize isn’t for knowing, its for guessing.
  3. If you book a portrait shoot, and ask me. I’ll tell you, so long as you promise not to tell anyone else. If word gets out as to “why aCoolDryPlace?” then I’ll have to stop running this fun competition.
  4. Enter your guess by dropping me an email via the contact form, or leaving a comment below, or guess when you talk to me in person.

I was thinking of putting a list of guesses so far up here, but that would make it easier for those who’ve read the wrong answers, so you’ll have to guess completely blind to what has already been guessed.

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